Thursday, May 25, 2017

Old Grist Mill

One more from my favorite designer and technique: Cynthia England, "Old Grist Mill".

Three full days of piecing and 352 pieces stitched together.

When almost done, I didn't really like the large rock vertical print layout. Hate redoing, such a pain, but now looks much better to me: satisfied!

Not finished yet, still needs to be quilted and bound.

Natalie Patton Quiltessa

AirPods cozy

- Natalie Patton Quiltessa

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Ultimate carry all bag, twins in purple and lime

Two more completed to order.
You can make your own, using my pattern and detailed tutorial on Craftsy.
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You can also purchase Supply kit for the bag.
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If you purchased this tutorial on Craftsy before May 15, you should have already received the updated version of it. It has one important correction: add 1/4" seam allowance to the side panel.

If you purchased it via my Etsy store or in my store before May 15, please, read this message below and reload the updated tutorial from your Downloads.

Message to my customers about recent updates to Ultimate carry all bag for crafts.

Hi, everybody,
For the last 6 month since this tutorial was released I have made 7 bags myself and I  also received some photographs from my customers with ready bags, which tells me, that the pattern works.
However, I have been also receiving some questions about the pattern, advice to add some more information to certain part of the tutorial, suggestions about proper use of sewing terms (well, I learned them all in Ukraine in my early age), complains about grammar mistakes (sorry, English is not my native language), etc., so I made some corrections.

The previous version (updated 3-27-2017) still can be used, however there are 2 issues in it, which need to be revised :
1)   The pattern for the side panel is missing ¼ seam allowance. The cutting instructions says to cut 10” strip for 2 mirrored side panels, and this is correct. You should transfer the pattern to the fabric and add 1/4” before cutting. I apologize for this error and hopefully you will be able to fix it.  The new updated version has 10” in height pattern, which includes seam allowance, ready to cut as is.
2)   The lining. The very first time it was 16”, which was too short. Unfortunately, I have been mistaken again and made it 1” longer. The correct number is 17”.

So, if you have already printed the pattern and 28 pages of tutorial, you don’t have to reprint it, just add a note to the side panel pattern, please : « ADD 1/4SEAM ALLOWANCE ! »,  and correct the number 18 for the lining to 17 ”.

I replaced “the width of the fabric” by WOF, which is more professional and just shorter.

I also made some changes to the cutting instructions of the ironing pad and one side fusible interfacing Peltex 71F. Rather than cutting it 9”, then trim ¼” on both sides, I corrected the measurement of the whole piece: now it’s 22” x 13 ½” I also added cutting instruction for it: First you need to cut 13 ½” x WOF (20”), then cut it in half to get 2 pieces 10” x 14” for the front and back panels of the bag. Then cut a piece 8 ½” x 13 ½” from the rest for the bottom of the bag.
For the ironing pad the correction is more material. If you don’t like it, you can leave it as it was in the previous version. However: the length of pre-quilted ironing pad is 44”. I used to have leftovers after cuttings, which is irrational, and the ironing pad fabric, which also has aluminized coating to reflect heat and helps to keep it clean, when working with fusible webbings, is not cheap! So I just decided to increase the length of a pad to eliminate wastes. I made it now 11” long instead of 9 ½”,
and 12 ½” wide, instead of 14”. In my previous version I suggest to cut off the thick sides of an ironing pad to eliminate the extra thickness on the sides, adding 1” strips of lining to the sides. And this is what it has to be done! It’s not just a suggestion, - it’s a tip you cannot ignore, because attaching a binding then could be a real problem on those thick distances. So, the measurements for the pad now is 11” x 12 ½”. Of course, the length of the lining is changed accordingly: it’s now 15 ½”.

Again, if you already have your Supply kits precut and ready to use, there is no problem of using those previous measurements of 9 ½” of ironing pad; this was the initial sizing on my first own bag and I am quite pleased with it, it does not affect the ironing process.

I also added some helpful tips and some more explanation, which I believe you will appreciate and it will ease your sewing process.

I am not a professional pattern maker and tutorial writer , I don’t have a professional studio to make video tutorials , I am just an amateur who loves inventing, creating and sharing.

My special thanks to those of my customers, who helped me to find some issues or errors in the tutorial, which needed to be corrected. I really appreciate your attitude and help.

--> Thank you ! 

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Cotton porcelaine

Pattern for these cotton cups is on now Craftsy.

                                                            Pattern for the cups soon!

                                                        Vinyl clear bags in my Etsy store.