Sunday, August 6, 2017

Squared up and signed

Proceeding to the next step.

 This was the most intricate and challenging part of pieing and assembling this quilt.

 If you do free motion quilting, you might like these tiny but very bright LED finger lights!
They are available in my Etsy store. 
Waterproof finger lights: white, green, blue and red.
These Laser Finger Beams have bright LED bulbs mounted in small cases that fit on your fingers with an elastic strap.

Powered:3 x*AG3 batteries (included)

White color light (recommended for sewing) will brighten the area around the sewing needle. Extremely helpful for free motion quilting, especially when working on dark fabrics.

Elastic band will hold it tight on the top of your finger, so you can still feel the fabric with your finger tips.
Also helps in cleaning your sewing machine or bobbin area. 
Long armers will appreciate this little helper, when changing the bobbin.

Other colors will make any gathering beautiful!
Whether you're heading to a party or into fun long-exposure (shutter lag) photography, these are sure to entertain.
They are also WATERPROOF! Will decorate your bottles, cups, glasses, balloons, swim suits, flip flops, bicycles, etc....
You can also put them in a cave of ornaments to decorate your aquarium.