Sunday, February 7, 2016

Magnetic ring pin holders and pin pickers - FREE domestic shipping

Magnetic ring pin holder. Adjustable, fits any size. Very handy when sewing using a lot of pins, also helpful in chain piecing. Don't be distracted looking for regular pincushion or even wrist cushion, just set your pins on the magnet on the side of the ring, which is the closest place to the sewing foot and needle, so you can keep sewing without moving your eyes from the needle and stitching line! 

Have you ever had trouble to pick pins from shiny surface, acrylic ruler, from under the table or hard to reach corners of drawers or shelves? Not anymore! Wear this elegant ring on your pinky finger and just point it where your stubborn pin is! The magnet will grab it for you!
Diameter is 42 mm, resizable.
You can choose with or without magnet, if you want to wear it just as a piece of fashion jewelry.

You can also calculate your shipping cost for international orders. 
Responding to some people's concern about "how dangerous it is":
- You are not wearing it during daily routine or when going to bed. It's just for TEMPORARILY usage while holding fabric with pins in front of you making the chain piecing process easier, without being distracted for another pincushion somewhere on the table. Your eyes are only concentrated on the sewing, you don't even move them from the needle.

And another concern about influence of a magnet to computerized sewing machines:
- This magnet is very small, strong enough to hold several pins, depends on the size, but weak enough to hurt your machine. Plus, the ring is on your finger, not attached to the sewing machine mechanism, and you need it only for short period of time when sewing! The rest of the time you can wear it just like a regular piece of jewelry! 

Happy fancy sewing!

Natalie Quiltessa