Friday, May 27, 2016

My strawberry patch is on the way!

So good so far!
I added some strawberry patches on the sides, and then larger size triangular of bright color batik.
It was not easy to decide what color/size/layout of borders I would like to finish it with, so I made some samples in a software and asked my Facebook friends and followers to help me with the best option. 

Thank you so much for their time and inputs!  I was hesitating between 2 and 5, but came up with a little different decision. Using gradation of colors on the fabric, I decided to make a Prairie points as a last border.

 Here's where using of magnetic ring holder is extremely helpful! Interested? Please, visit my Etsy store and see more designs.
So, now the next challenge: to choose the layout of prairie points: in or out?

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Strawberries season! New pattern!

Strawberries season inspired me to make this new pattern! 

This is a variation of a twisted log cabin blocks, which are made of equilateral triangular; 6 of them would make a hexagon star or flower. I changed that pattern and now every two triangular make a square, and four squares together make this beautiful pattern of a bigger square of 15" finished size. 
The same pattern would look different if you change the layout of squares before sewing them together. 
After my first twisted log cabin quilt, I called it Carnival, you can find it in my earlier posts,  I was thrilled to make more variations of it! My first square was in blue colors and I liked it a lot! 

Now it's a strawberry season! It really inspired me to design this original pattern in bright summer colors and finally write a tutorial. 
Here are some more color combinations and different layouts to compare how the design changes just with a twist!

I hope you will also like it and share with us your creations in new color combinations! I am really thrilled now to see the endless possibilities of this block! Good luck!

Happy sewing!
Natalie Quiltessa

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Bell Buckle, little historic town, antique stores heaven...

What a wonderful ladies tea party we had today in a small historic town Bell Buckle, celebrating my friend's Iaci's Birthday in a Southrrn Charm Tea room! 

 Her signature carrot cake was delicious!

 And after the party we took our time and visited several antic stores at the square. What a fun we had!
Did you notice the quit on the parking lot? Oh,  lot of antique quilts there!

 Visiting antic store is almost like going to a museum, a lot of history, every item is unique and has the story behind. Thank you, Iaci, for invitation! And Happy Birthday! Looking forward to plan the next trip there!

ps. My yesterday antic shop finding, Japanese double sided naughty ashtray.