Friday, October 30, 2015

QOB now in batik

My new Quilters Organizer Bag, now in batik.
 Size 14"x7"x7". Separating zipper allows to open it flat, snaps on the sides keep it box-shaped. 4 D-rings + detachable shoulder strap makes it easy to carry, not necessarily to zip every time, just hook both D-rings. Ruler and mat slides under the pockets. Total is 10 pockets! 
PDF file is on Craftsy.

You definitely need at least 3 clear vinyl bags. Now in new bold colors in my Etsy store.

Happy sewing!

Natalie Quiltessa

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

How to use your sewing feet, video tutorials. Part 1.

How to use a Ruffler foot - video is here.

How to use a Gathering foot - video is here.
How to use a Hemmer foot - video is here.

How to use a Blind Hem foot - video is here.

How to use a Cording foot - video is here.

How to use a Double piping foot - video is here.

How to use Bias binding or Tape Stitching foot - video is here.

How to use a Felling (Flat Felled) foot - video is here.

How to use a Satin Stitch foot - video is here.

How to use a Flower Stitch foot - video is here.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sewing basket - Shell pouch

This is my new "Sewing basket" for smaller sewing projects with embroidered vintage sewing machine on it.
I used my Shell pouch pattern medium size for it. You can find tutorial for it on Craftsy.

 When opened it lays nicely on your lap between your legs and clear vinyl allows you to see everything in it with zipped pockets! Perfect for traveling!
 And now watch the needle, it's threaded, pulled through the fabric and rested on invisible magnet! Cut thread when need to use, leave the tail - no need to remove the spool out of pocket every time, and zip it! Very handy when traveling with small sewing project!
My original design.
I know you would love to have one! 
Happy sewing!

Natalie Quiltessa

Friday, October 2, 2015

Quilters Organizer Bag (one more)

Pattern and tutorial on Craftsy.
This bag 14"x7"x7" has TEN pockets and ironing pad inside. Long detachable shoulder strap makes it easy and convenient to carry along with your sewing machine and purse in other hand.

This bag is a perfect organizer for your quilting (or other) tools and supplies for classes and retreats. Separating zipper allows you to open it all the way and lay flat! Four pairs of snaps on each side make it keep box-shaped, open flat at one side only or flat all the way! The interior of the bag lined up with aluminized coating fabric, so you can use it as an ironing pad for your small projects when using miniature iron.
Elastic band on the side of one of the pockets will keep your pencils and other marking supplies in close vicinity and well organized.
The other two pockets have additional exterior mesh pockets. The medium long pocket is divided in half for two smaller pockets to keep spools, clips and other small items.
And there is enough space for your 12" x 6" ruler and small cutting mat UNDER the pockets.

Love this bag? Make your own! Thanks for sharing!

Happy sewing!

Natalie Quiltessa