Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Clear plastic templates

Use your milk/juice jugs for templates!
They are semi-clear, easy to view the direction or chose the print on the fabric, flexible and you can use them multiple times!
There are two 3" perfect circles on both sides of a gallon jug, you don't even need to draw it, just cut it off!
I would recommend to use your dull rotary cutter blades, they are still good enough for cutting plastic!

The best advantage of clear/semi-clear plastic - you can see through the objects and printed message or position your template whatever direction you prefer!
Punch wholes in your template, so you can choose the direction or angle you want the template to be on a fabric, then pin it, it will help to hold in place fabric and manipulate it when you cut it and later on when you prepare your templates for sewing.

Sign them with permanent marker, put them in flat clear vinyl bag and keep it in your Quilters sewing bag!

Happy sewing!