Saturday, July 11, 2015

Portable 3 in 1: cutting board, ironing mat and double fold design wall - DIY!

Paper piecing and especially freezer paper piecing is my favorite technique. It requires a lot of ironing! Every piece of fabric should be ironed to the freezer paper, stitched, cut and again, iron, stitch, cut etc. Here's just some of work done using this method (designer - Cynthia England):
I always try to make my working process more efficient: comfortable sitting, swivel chair, every needed tools, cutting mat and mini-iron close to touch. Years of experience showed me that I wasted a lot of time standing up going to the cutting board,  sitting down at the chair to stitch, standing up again, going to the ironing board, going back and again, and again... If you work like this I can tell you, the sewing process is no fun and freezer paper piecing will probably never become your favorite method! However, this process can be much improved if you use my portable 3 in 1 folding board, which includes cutting board, ironing mat and design wall - all in one! Ironing board is covered with aluminized coating fabric padded with insul bright, which reflects heat, so you can also use this mat for applique using any kind of fusibles! Easily cleans with a damp cloth. Folding foam board makes it light and convenient to carry and manipulate with - weighs less than a pound!
And I use it just on my knees: cut pieces on one side, flip it over and iron! When you unfold the board all small pieces will stick to the flannel, so no worry to drop them on the floor or loose! You can also use this trick to keep all precut pieces inside the board when you take a break, use it as a temporary storage for your project! You can also use it as a small design board for your blocks or smaller designs. Remember, you always perceive your design better, and I would say more correctly, when you look at it vertically, not lying horizontally on the table - just one more advantage of using folding board.

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Natalie Quiltessa