Monday, August 31, 2015

Flower and Bee on tape measure

I embellished retractable tape measure with hexagon flower and rhinestone Bee, cut off leaf shaped piece of green felt and attached it to the bottom to softer touch. When you press Bee's butt tape measure rewinds!
You can purchase some of them in my store at Handmade section.

I am also happy to share with you my tutorial How to make Floral Tape Measure. Janet Wickell, quilting expert at, generously offered me to publish it there.
Enjoy and make more your own flowers! 

Quilts in Boro 2015

 Our local quilt show "Quilts in Boro 2015" is over. I entered only 2 quilts this year and both of them won the ribbon! And one of them also has Merit award from Tennessee Valley Quilting Association.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Big bag, little bag

Here are two bags to compare the sizes, one is similar to bionic gear bag or Sew together bag and the bigger one is Quilters sewing bag. Similar but not the same. I will explain the difference.

When you open those bags you can see 3 pockets in it. Sometimes I make them all zippered, sometimes leave one without zipper. After testing these bags for a long time and using my personal Quilters sewing bag with one simple pocket in the middle without zipper I can make a conclusion to myself - it's OK to have one open pocket. However if you like them all zipped, make all using same pattern and technique - it's up to you!
The second difference is how the pockets made! Every time I was reading reviews for BGB or Sew together bag I heard the same complain - pockets are not easy to make, so I decided to simplify this process and changed the concept of attaching and making pockets. This concept also allows to slide the ruler and small cutting mat UNDER the pockets, which makes this bag even more attractive to use the space more efficiently! The ruler is also make the bottom of the bag sturdier and keeps it nicely shaped! I really like this feature, so now I am making the smaller bags the same way, so that's why I call the smaller bag similar to Sew together bag, because it's not the same anymore! 
Quilters sewing bag is 13 1/2" long, so 12" x 6" ruler easily slides under the pockets!

The smaller bag is meant to be for smaller projects and probably does not usually require a ruler with you. However the size of the smaller bag allows to insert  8" x 4" ruler under the pockets to lay flat on the bottom of the bag, again, helps to keep bottom sturdier and in better shape.

One more addition to my Quilters sewing bag is detachable clear vinyl pockets! The size of the pockets is perfect to keep them on the swivel hook between the fabric pockets. You can keep all your small items in them - machine and hand needles, pencils and markers, plastic templates and paper piecing templates, small pieces of fabrics, threads, beads, embellishments, 1/4" or 1/8" lip rulers, etc - and they are see through, which is very convenient! These clear bags make the whole bag is even more organized and more attractive! (See these clear bags with yellow closures on the right side of the bag). I also attach a little piece of felt on the side to use it as a pincushion.

And I always use double puller zipper for my bags! It's so much more convenient! You can open it from the center slightly or all the way!
Now, if you attach handles to this bag you can use it as a regular purse!
Or travel bag! Perfect size to put your flat iron, brush and beauty stuff in it! Think about it when you want to make a personal gift for your friends or family members! I made two of these bags for my Sisters-in-law as a birthday gifts! They are happy to have it, as far as I know!

You can find tutorial for my Quilters sewing bag in my Etsy store here. Or, if you don't want to use Etsy and want to pay by card, you can purchase it in my store
If you want to make your own bag but not sure if you can find all supplies for it you can buy the kit of supplies here.
Need clear bags to attach to your bag? Buy them here, 5 for $5 and FREE SHIPPING within USA.

Happy sewing!
Natalie Quiltessa

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Just press the butt!

Getting ready for the quilt show, making more stuff for our Bees General store!
Little tape measure embellished with hexi flower and Bee! Just press the butt/button and it rewinds!

 Come visit our show next week and get it!
First come, first serve!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Miniature sewing machine

Just finished quilting, attached sleeve and label.
Cynthia England design - Stitch in time pattern.
The size of this miniature is 20" x 16". It consists of more than 500 pieces stitched all from the back. It's not applique! This method called picture piecing by Cynthia England.

You can see it in real at our local quilt show next week "Quilts in Boro 2015!"
Please come and vote for your favorite quilts! No judgement, only viewers choice!

Thanks for sharing with your friends too!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

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Leather bag #2 with embroidered cameo

Just finished this bag for my sister-in-law BD gift! Cameo is embroidered. 
The same pattern as for "Quilters sewing bag" - tutorial is on Craftsy,-  just made 2 pockets instead of 3.

The similar bag with red flowers on cameo was made couple months ago for my other sis-in-law. I like them both having similar gifts from me! Hope it will be used and loved!