Saturday, May 14, 2016

New! Cell phone purse! 3 in 1!

Cell phone purse

hands-free, with adjustable strap, flex frame, Velcro pocket, key hook and opening on the bottom for charging plug and earphones.

How many times you were afraid to drop your phone in a bowl or simply forget it somewhere on a countertop or on the couch? Would you really like to have your phone most of the time with you, but being able to do other things with your both hands? Would it be better to plug your phone to the car charger without removing it off the purse, leaving it on your neck and ready to go any time you park the car? You can also plug your earphones in and have your phone in your cross body purse!

The first purse I made was just two-sided case with eyelets and adjustable strap. But my first testing failed immediately when I wen shopping! I still had to put my credit cards and keys in my pockets or purse, and most of the time I do not need my purse at all when shopping! It only distracts me from keeping my eye on it, bringing it to the dressing room, looking for the hook when going to ladies room, etc., etc. That’s how I came up with the idea to make a little purse for three main items I need when going shopping: cell phone, cards and car keys! All 3 in 1 - here we go!

I wear it when walk my dog, feed my horses, water my garden, drive a car, go shopping and even when sewing!
Especially good for shopping! Do we really need a big purse when going shopping? I don't! I just need my cards, my phone and my car keys - all in one place!                                                      

                                  Pattern on Craftsy soon! For any size and model of the phone!