Thursday, February 9, 2017

Any day spent sewing is a good day! My new carry all bag.

Made one more Ultimate carry all bag, really pleased with these colors and embroidery design.

Full description, tutorial and and pattern for the bag is on Craftsy.

More details in my video.

 I divided one long separated zipper for two: one for the top of the bag and one for the exterior pocket. All you need is remove some teeth and add the puller.
If you are planning to make this bag, you might be interested to purchase this tutorial and supply kit 2 in 1; place your order in my store. Please, leave me note or email for your color choice and I will pick up zippers for you and matching colors for vinyl clear bags:

As a courtesy and following multiple requests of my customers, this detailed tutorial on 27 pages with multiple pictures is available in 7 languages. You can choose one of French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish or Japanese and receive original English version + parallel automatic translation to one of the above languages for FREE! Only in my store.

Happy sewing!

Natalie Quiltessa