Thursday, December 10, 2015

Small sewing bag with suspended pockets. Tutorial now on Craftsy

 My bigger size of Quilters Sewing Bag (find the pattern on Craftsy) inspired me to improve it, add more pockets, a shoulder strap and an ironing pad,- so I designed Quilters Organizer Bag, which can be also found on Craftsy. The design of this bag also allows to insert the ruler UNDER the pockets, which made this bag very handy and convenient. Ironing pad with aluminized ironing board cover fabric inside, instead of regular lining, allows to use this bag when open flat for multiple small projects when miniature iron is involved, i.e. paper piecing, fusible applique, freezer paper etc.
Due to these easy to make zippered pockets and easy to attach double puller long zipper I really had a lot of requests to create the similar tutorial for the smaller bag, which makes sense, - so I did! Enjoy!

And now here are all three of them!

Happy sewing!

Natalie Quiltessa

Friday, December 4, 2015

Gutterman spools are handy!

Did you know that all Gutterman spools have a hidden compartment! 
It can be used not only to fix the thread tail, but also as a needle keeper! I tried to insert the rubber end from the regular pencil and it fits perfectly! 
You can also make a small travel type spool with several thread colors on it using your bobbin winder on sewing machine as I described in my recent blog post .

Happy sewing!

Natalie Quiltessa

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Spool + bobbin winder. NEW!

I don't know about you, but use this tip all the time!
How to use the bobbin winder on your sewing machine to wind one or multiple colors of thread to one or several used empty spools. With the help of velcro you can replace spools using only one bobbin!
All you need is just ONE bobbin, one (or as many as you need) used thread spool, Ultra-mate adhesive velcro pads (available in Walmart) and hole punch.
Using a hole punch make a hole in the center of one pair of velcro, the rough part will be adhered to the bobbin and the soft part to the spool (or reversed, it doesn't really matter!). Heavy duty adhesive is more recommended.

If you want to use more spools, make more holes in the soft ovals (they are also available in circles).
This would be very handy if you want to clean your spool rack or need several certain colors one one spool. 
And you will definitely appreciate it when you have only one large serger spool of certain color left, but you need at least 3 or 4 (depends on serger brand) to complete your project! All you can do is wind the same color thread from the same large spool onto multiple smaller empty spools!

And here's one more simple trick! 
You can divide your spool for several segments for different color threads using small rubber hair bands!
AND! They can be used not only as dividers: you can tighten the end of the thread with this little rubber mate! 
I hope you enjoy these tips!
I will appreciate if you leave some comments and let me know if you used this tip and if you liked it! 
Hope you do!

Happy sewing!

Natalie Quiltessa

Friday, October 30, 2015

QOB now in batik

My new Quilters Organizer Bag, now in batik.
 Size 14"x7"x7". Separating zipper allows to open it flat, snaps on the sides keep it box-shaped. 4 D-rings + detachable shoulder strap makes it easy to carry, not necessarily to zip every time, just hook both D-rings. Ruler and mat slides under the pockets. Total is 10 pockets! 
PDF file is on Craftsy.

You definitely need at least 3 clear vinyl bags. Now in new bold colors in my Etsy store.

Happy sewing!

Natalie Quiltessa

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

How to use your sewing feet, video tutorials. Part 1.

How to use a Ruffler foot - video is here.

How to use a Gathering foot - video is here.
How to use a Hemmer foot - video is here.

How to use a Blind Hem foot - video is here.

How to use a Cording foot - video is here.

How to use a Double piping foot - video is here.

How to use Bias binding or Tape Stitching foot - video is here.

How to use a Felling (Flat Felled) foot - video is here.

How to use a Satin Stitch foot - video is here.

How to use a Flower Stitch foot - video is here.