Saturday, May 30, 2015

How to make zippered pocket for the bag with hidden seams. Tutorial.

 To make Quilters sewing bag you need to understand how to make zippered pockets with hidden seams for it.

Here's a little tutorial in pictures.

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Quilters sewing bag for coffee lovers!

This Quilters sewing bag is for true coffee lovers! 

You can purchase tutorial how to make this bag in my Etsy store.
Or you can buy one (with bamboo handles) here in my Etsy store.
Now with clear vinyl bags with multicolored closures!

You can also purchase them separately in my store.

If you make your own bag, you can purchase the whole kit of supplies in my Etsy store!
You will love this bag!

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Natalie Quiltessa

Quilters sewing bag.

This bag is perfect for quilters to keep all your favorite rulers, roller cutters, scissors, quilting notions and even mini iron all in one place! It has three lined and fused zippered pockets, pincushion on the side panel and detachable see-through ziplock bags which is convenient to keep your templates, needles, papers, fabric scraps, and other small items.

After sewing bunch of these bags, which turned very popular, I created tutorial and called this bag Quilters sewing bag! It's twice bigger than bionic bag from Craftsy, so be sure it's not the same pattern. 

I also changed the design of pockets, so now it's easier to sew them! This pattern also allows some extra room for your ruler and small cutting mat! My favorite size 6" x 12" ruler easily slides underneath the pockets now, which also makes the bottom of the bag sturdier and keep it nicely shaped!  Notice, I use double slider zipper, which makes opening this bag is much more convenient. If you want to keep your bag locked, you can join two of those pullers with little locker! (just kidding!)

You can purchase this tutorial  in my Etsy store.

or you can place order in my store. 

You can also order and purchase ready bag in my store (check availability). Fabric may vary. If you want it to be made from your own preferred fabric, you can send it to me (fat quarter is enough) , I will complete your bag and ship it to you as soon as it's ready!

 This bag is also can be used as cosmetic bag, good for traveling and of course shopping!

Happy sewing and happy shopping!

My tutorial is in  PDF file, which contains 65 detailed pictures with step-by-step instruction in it, which will be send straight to your email address right after your payment.
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