Friday, May 27, 2016

My strawberry patch is on the way!

So good so far!
I added some strawberry patches on the sides, and then larger size triangular of bright color batik.
It was not easy to decide what color/size/layout of borders I would like to finish it with, so I made some samples in a software and asked my Facebook friends and followers to help me with the best option. 

Thank you so much for their time and inputs!  I was hesitating between 2 and 5, but came up with a little different decision. Using gradation of colors on the fabric, I decided to make a Prairie points as a last border.

 Here's where using of magnetic ring holder is extremely helpful! Interested? Please, visit my Etsy store and see more designs.
So, now the next challenge: to choose the layout of prairie points: in or out?