Monday, July 20, 2015

Shell pouch with clear zippered pockets

I have something else new to share with you today! 
 This is my next "Shell pouch with clear zippered pockets",
 a little bigger, than the previous one (find it in my earlier post). That was 7"x5" size, 
And this is a perfect travel size pouch - 12"x5"! 
 Pockets are clear, you don't need to unzip them to see what's in it! You can keep 6 Aurifil size spools on one side and needles set, seam ripper, threader and scissors on another. Two invisible magnets just clasps like a shell. AND you don't even need a pincushion! Pull your thread through the top part of the pouch, thread your needle with threader and just leave it on the magnet! Your needles will be resting between those magnets even when it's closed! Never loose them and always ready for use!
Threader is a great thing for traveling too! If you never used it before - watch this video, - one of my favorite time-saving things!!! You can't carry scissors in your carry-on, but the threader has a nice and sharp built-in thread cutter! So you can take your small hand-sewing projects aboard with this ergonomic and convenient pouch and be busy with your favorite things!

If this pouch is too small for you and you need a bigger something for your rulers, cutters and the whole bunch of other supplies, you might also like my Quilters sewing bag

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