Friday, September 9, 2016

Quilting Bees 10th anniversary

Our guild is celebrating 10th anniversary of its foundation this year!
The preparations for this event started long time ago, last year, right after our quilt show in August.
Our first president Susan Emory was also invited to the celebration, but unfortunately she passed away this spring.
We are so proud of our oldest lady in a guild Edith Brophy, who is one of the founders of our guild. We celebrated her 90th birthday last September and she is always with us, taking part in every event and activity in our guild! I wish I was like her when I am 90. She is a great example to follow! Wishing her all the best and stay with us as long as possible !
We also decided to invite some famous quilters to our anniversary and we voted for several of them So, the winners were Tim Latimer and Pat Sloan!
When we went to Paducah Quilt show in April,

 Pat Sloan was there, so we stopped by at the end of her class and had a chance to introduce ourselves in person and to talk about our event and how much we all are excited about it and looking forward to see her in Murfreesboro.

And here she is! Such a talented lady!

Great lecture, beautiful quilts, interesting presentation!

And here's our crowd!

Tim Latimer is amazing! He can do unbelievable renovation with any quilt! He is hand quilting, machine quilting and all he is doing is just quilting, 14 hours a day - that's what he said!!!! Here are some of his amazing works:

You can learn more about Tim Latimer and Pat Sloan, find them on Facebook and join the conversation!

And I am going to the Applique class with Pat sloan!

Happy sewing!

Natalie Quiltessa