Thursday, May 19, 2016

Strawberries season! New pattern!

Strawberries season inspired me to make this new pattern! 

This is a variation of a twisted log cabin blocks, which are made of equilateral triangular; 6 of them would make a hexagon star or flower. I changed that pattern and now every two triangular make a square, and four squares together make this beautiful pattern of a bigger square of 15" finished size. 
The same pattern would look different if you change the layout of squares before sewing them together. 
After my first twisted log cabin quilt, I called it Carnival, you can find it in my earlier posts,  I was thrilled to make more variations of it! My first square was in blue colors and I liked it a lot! 

Now it's a strawberry season! It really inspired me to design this original pattern in bright summer colors and finally write a tutorial. 
Here are some more color combinations and different layouts to compare how the design changes just with a twist!

I hope you will also like it and share with us your creations in new color combinations! I am really thrilled now to see the endless possibilities of this block! Good luck!

Happy sewing!
Natalie Quiltessa