Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Small sewing clutch or handbag

One pattern - FOUR different looks!

Using one same pattern you can make several variations of the same style bag, depending on a hardware you choose. This bag has no external zipper, which makes this bag more elegant and easier to open. Zippered bags inside still provide a protection for small items from falling out.

If you are thinking about using it as a sewing bag, consider long shoulder strap for carrying.

All pockets have an additional one-inch space of width on the bottom, which means they are not flat and tight; it gives enough room for several spools of threads, roller cutters, scissors, markers and other sewing notions.

2” space between pockets can be used for the fabrics, patterns or other larger items.

All pockets are not sewn to the bottom; you can use the space under the pockets to keep flat items underneath, for example 4” x 8” quilting ruler.

Fusible stabilizer gives enough stiffness for the bag and keeps it in nice shape.

I also add small snaps on each side of the bag. When snapped, the bag is box shaped, just like a regular purse. You can unsnap one or both sides and us them as a small tray for your items in the bag: sewing notions, pens, cards, phone or cosmetics if using it as a purse or handbag.

So, what's the difference the hardware can make?

1) If you provide your sewing bag with aluminized coating fabric as a lining, it will be handy for small paper-piecing projects using miniature iron; if open flat, this bag can be used as a small ironing pad right on the side of your sewing machine, which is convenient and time saving. If using iron, I would recommend making pockets with 100% cotton fabric.
Magnetic snaps on the sides can be also used as pin holders, which is also a nice addition (see picture above)! To pair of D-rings will secure the bag when carrying.

2)If you choose another fabric theme, you can turn this bag in a purse or romantic handbag. I used antique looking Paris theme for this one and antique bronze hardware. Nylon or silk lining would work perfect for this style. This bag has stronger magnets and only two 2 D-rings for a purse chain.
Special instruction provided for sewing D-rings in the middle of binding.

3)This bag has no D-rings, so binding in this case is very simple, just like you add mitered corner binding to the quilt or any other square corner.
Invisible snaps are good enough to clasp the bag, however two handles on both sides with eyelets will provide good stability and won’t let the bag open accidentally. You can also use regular external magnetic purse snaps.

4) Using eyelets instead of D-rings also gives an option to use decorative cord for handles. In this case you will need two pair of crimps to secure and join the ends.
If you decide to use striped fabric, look how nice you can change the look cutting bias strips for binding.
I embellished this bag with embroidered anchor and steering wheel and used matching gold color cord for handles.

Indulge yourself with this cute bag or make one as a gift for your sewing friend! 

PDF tutorial contains 16 pages and 70 detailed pictures with step-by-step instructions.

Happy sewing! 

Natalie Quiltessa