Saturday, February 4, 2017

I am so heartbroken today...

Another trip to Gatlinburg today added some sad news about our close neighbor. She was the 14-th victim of the wildfire, which we didn't know then.
May Vance, 75, of Gatlinburg. She died of a heart attack related to smoke inhalation. According to her obituary, Mrs. Vance enjoyed gardening, sewing, trips to the beach, animals, and especially spending time with her grandchildren.

We saw the wreath and flowers on the rock wall when we first were allowed to come there,

but thought it was their tribute to their beloved lost house, where they lived permanently for many years... Wrong. They were married for 60 years and she passed away on her husband's birthday.
Here's her husband's talking. 

I met May in person several years ago. We talked sometimes, when were walking out our dogs. She had Peanut,  such an adorable little yorkie dog, and I was with Murphy. They loved their place, it's been always nicely decorated, pretty figurines in front of the house, lovely flower baskets... On the day of the fire my husband and me went out to see what was going on when the fire sparked on the electric pole and power went off. May also came there with Peanut, she was wearing blue T-shirt with Air Force sign on it,- that's how i remember seeing her that day. We talked a little bit and all came back home. That was the last time we saw her. So sad.
Their house was just next door to the "Angel's landing" property, I was telling the story about in one of my previous posts.

Gatlinburg fire: Ski Mountain road

Today we could see some progress in Chalet Village. A lot of machinery, excavators, trucks cleaning the mess of tremendous fire destruction.

And lots of stars for inspiration everywhere:

She was in my list of neighbors who I was going to make a memory quilt to. Now it will be also in a memory of her for the family.

Introducing our new family member: Jack. Jack Patton

Jack was born literally next day after we lost our house in a wildfire in Gatlinburg. New life replaces the loss! He is adorable puppy! Golden retriever with some lab mix.

I know, it will not last long, he is growing up fast, but I designed and made this kangaroo carrier for him; it helps me to carry him around hands free! It's also fluffy, soft and comfy! He loves it a lot!
Then I made one more...
and more....

I guess, I need to write the instructions too! I will!