Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Quilts in the Boro 2016

Well, here's why I was beading my sunflowers:
This year I decided to make me a Ukrainian costume for our local quilt show "Quilts in the Boro". I am still managing our "General store",  so I think this outfit was quite appropriate for this event and brought some colors and character to it.

 We had 65 quilts displayed in 6 different categories. More than 600 people visited our show last weekend and we had many positive remarks. All our vendors were also very pleased.

I got the Second pace for my "Sailboats"

and third place for my "Birdhouses, ivy and lilac"

We also had Crayons challenge this year!!  All 20 quilts were displayed in the classroom at the quilt show and we let the public vote.   Every one that was displayed received multiple votes.  My colors were "Wild strawberry" and "Peach", and this is my "Strawberry patch" challenge quilt:

You can find this pattern in my Craftsy store as Twisted log cabin triangular in a square.
As our vice-president said after all: "Congratulations to Natalie P. for receiving the most votes!!" Yay!!!

And here are some quilts which are well deserved ribbons and just being seen one more time - .
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Happy sewing!

Natalie Quiltessa