Monday, July 13, 2015

Sun-dying fabrics (again!)

Gloves! Check for holes before wearing!
Soak your fabric in Syntrapol for 3 min, rinse well - ready to use!
Basement - good for starting the process, no sun, dimmed light, will not activate dye.
Use trash bag as an apron! Pull one handle, hang over the neck! Cut the sides and use the other string to tie over the waist.
Contact paper - PERFECT! Attach to thin wood board, cardboard or smth like this, remove air bulbs with squeegee. Reusable! No mess, no stains left!
Place prepared wet fabric on contact paper, spread (it doesn't soak, multiple use!).
With wide foam brush strokes apply dye (or with smaller brushes do multiple coloring).
Place templates, leaves, objects, whatever... on wet painted surface and QUICKLY bring it outside to expose to direct sunlight.
Work outsides! or be VERY careful! One small grain, dust or drop will leave a MESS!
Work fast!
Better to do it at noon, when direct sun rays, no shade!
When it's done bring back to the room, leave it as it is before rinsing, it still continue activating, will be brighter in a while.
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