Wednesday, June 22, 2016

How to know instantly which needle is in your sewing machine right now? Best tip ever!

I never have trouble organizing my needles, since I arranged them in this perfect size fit pill box:
But I don't always remember which needle I had last in my sewing machine!
You might like this tip I found recently on Facebook, but.... what if you have more than one machine?  To tell the truth I was not really satisfied with that idea, especially when using more than one machine, with separate storage for additional needles! I also have several sewing bags, which are always ready to grab and go sewing, depends on the project I am working on; those bags are "furnished" with special clear vinyl bags to keep additional sewing needles there!  That means I  keep my needles somewhere separately from my sewing machine. When I want to find out which needle case was used last time, I need to leave my sewing space, to find one of those needle cases. Waste of time to me! And the worst part of it is when I finally find that needle case with some kind of marking in it (toothpick, paper clip or nail polished on the old needle - additional steps again, steeling my time), then I realize, that the needle I want is already in my sewing machine! Such a waste! Most of the time I just need to be sure there is a needle, which I need at the moment, without taking it out and looking for the magnifying glass, if I forgot when/if I changed it last time.
So, after making multiple researches, I still couldn't find a good tip which would work fine to me. Sorry if I missed something! But finally I came up with my own decision. Maybe a little time consuming in the beginning, to get it done, but since it's there, it will work forever!


With this tip you will always know which needle you had last in your sewing machine(s)! 
 Finally, I came up with this solution!
I printed the type of the needles I use most of the time and their size numbers on a shipping label stickers, so I can adhere it to my machine and easily remove, if needed.

Now I wrapped around the lid on the top of my machine, where the labels already attached, with clear elastic 3/8" width, pulled both ends to make it tight enough and joined them with a stapler.
Now I need to make some markers, so I can move them and anchor every time when I change my needle. Safety pins would work fine for this purpose, and I also decided to decorate them with tiny silk flowers. It will look pretty and also will make it easier to visualize where exactly your anchor is.

I sewed them first to the pin, then put a little drop of Gorilla glue on it. This glue has a tendency to create a little bubbles and small rubbery ball when dried off, - it will prevent the pin from unnecessary sliding.  

Now lock these flower pins on the elastic and anchor them accordingly to the needle in use right now!

It really works on my several sewing machines so far!
Flowers and pins can be easily substituted with any flat tabs, for example, cut off piece of plastic or vinyl, cut two slots and insert the strap in it.
Hopefully you can also use this tip and save some time for doing more things you love!

Please, leave a comment if you like it, or have a better idea, or know how to improve this tip!


Happy sewing!
Natalie Quiltessa