Friday, February 2, 2018

Nurse hip bag, DIY. Pattern now in my Craftsy pattern store, bags in my Etsy store

Every nurse needs a hip bag like this!

My new pattern is released and it's now in my Craftsy pattern store.

Size of the bag – 9” x 7” PDF tutorial loaded with detailed pictures and instructions on 23 pages + digital pattern. This bag hugs your waist/hips and ergonomically shapes your body. The bag is specially designed wider on the top and narrow on the bottom, providing easy access to the items inside. It has 2 zippered pockets, one on the front side and one on the back. The front zippered pocket creates a slot behind it, which makes additional pocket with open sides for the folding paper holding board. Back zippered pocket is wide enough for the phone and will keep safely your personal items. Double slider zipper in front of the bag provides the easier access from the middle or from any other side. When in use, you can open the top zippered panel and tuck it in to get easier access to all your items. When finished, zip it all the way. Mixed pockets insert has a strip of a Velcro on the bottom, which allows you to detach it when needed for reloading or just easier access to the items in it. The insert pocket contains four tall narrow pockets with a pleat on the bottom for more space, one wide mesh pocket, snapped loop for a tape roll, D-ring to keep your keys, a strip of webbing with multiple loops for pens, markers, highlighters, tools, etc., and wide large pocket in the middle. All these pockets make enough room to hold couple pair of gloves, tons of sterile gauze pads of different size, bandages, hand sanitizer, towelettes and more. Clear vinyl pocket inside will organize your notecards, reminders, business cards and other small papers. The bag itself is not flat; it’s wider on the top, so there is still some more room in between the insert and the panels of the bag, so you can stuff it with even more items! Cute and functional gift to any nurse! Happy sewing! Natalie Quiltessa

You can also place your order in my Quiltessence Etsy store. Please, choose one of 9 offered.