Monday, August 31, 2015

Flower and Bee on tape measure

I embellished retractable tape measure with hexagon flower and rhinestone Bee, cut off leaf shaped piece of green felt and attached it to the bottom to softer touch. When you press Bee's butt tape measure rewinds!
You can purchase some of them in my store at Handmade section.

I am also happy to share with you my tutorial How to make Floral Tape Measure. Janet Wickell, quilting expert at, generously offered me to publish it there.
Enjoy and make more your own flowers! 

Quilts in Boro 2015

 Our local quilt show "Quilts in Boro 2015" is over. I entered only 2 quilts this year and both of them won the ribbon! And one of them also has Merit award from Tennessee Valley Quilting Association.