Thursday, February 4, 2016

12" pizza placemat made in real pizza technique

 After making 18" pizza placemats by the pattern "Farmers basket: 18" pizza" on Craftsy 

I had some leftovers, too small for the same technique pizza, but just quite enough to make it in REAL pizza technique!
Bonding agent 007 will help to join those small pieces!
On a background fabric sprinkle some powder and spread the larger pieces of scraps first.
 Keep going and fill the whole circle with smaller scraps, covering the whole area.
 Cover pizza with non-stick pressing sheet or fiberglass ironing sheet  and fuse all pieces to the background.

 Sprinkle some more powder on the top. Make some "shredded cheddar cheese". I use my favorite serrated scissors by Karen Kay Buckley for all those cuttings.
 Fuse again with ironing sheet.
 Now cover pizza with black tulle. Yes, black! This color works the best on multicolored surface.
Add the batting and backing making regular sandwich, prepare for quilting.
 If you want to iron the tulle before quilting, be careful with the iron, too high temperature will damage it (see the right bottom corner).
You can join it with quilting spray or just attach it to the sides with quilting pins.
Set your machine for free motion quilting and stitch all over with any kind of pattern. Simple stippling is just OK for pizza.

 To cut perfect 12" circle cover your pizza with a cake container top and cut all around with roller cutter.

I found papaya color batik works fine for the crust! Cut off 1 3/4" of bias strip for the binding.
You might like to join two rulers for the long cuts like binding strips, sashing and borders with the ruler connector.
Attach the binding and your pizza is ready! It took me just couple hours before supper to start and finish it! Enjoy!

Happy sewing!

Natalie Quiltessa