Thursday, January 23, 2014

Interfacings for totes and purses

If you like making quilted purses, totes and bags you always need to think about appropriate intefacing! Nowadays there is a big variety of fusible and non-fusible, wooven and non-woven, soft and hard, crisp and flexible interfacings! How to make the right choice, just for your purse, for certain project?

I found this article helpful for learning more about Pellon interfacings, with detailed description of every item.
Here's another  article Interfacing Guide from Amy Butler. You can compare and learn more from it.
This website is also very informative and contains a lot of useful facts!
Here you will find how to reinforce your purse using different types of interfacings, especially for stretching fabrics!
And of course you need something firm and strong for the bottom of your purse or bag. Read here about Timtex, which is close to one-sided or double-sided fusible Peltex.
I hope you will find this information helpful and useful! I will come back to it myself anytime I want to try something new for me! Good luck!

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