Monday, January 5, 2015

Executing Your Idea Starts With a Small Single Step. Исполнение идеи начинается с маленького шага!

У вас идея, которая не даёт вам покоя даже в душе, от которой мурашки по коже, которая не даёт вам спать? Запишите её! Представьте! Визуализируйте! Рисуйте её! Для этого вовсе не обязательно быть художником, поверьте!

Исполнение вашей идеи начинается с одного небольшого шага

Joe Gebbia: Executing Your Idea Starts With a Small Single Step

We all have that idea that we can't shake out of our head, the one that we think about in the shower or daydream about. Entrepreneur Job Gebbia, shares how his team grew their idea, Airbnb, into a national startup the hard way: by staying lean, "doing things that don't scale" like meeting users one at a time, and by taking one small step at a time.

Joe leads us in a storyboarding exercise that helped his team take ideas and push them into reality.

About Joe Gebbia

Joe defines the Airbnb experience. He is dedicated to creating an inspiring and effortless user experience through sharp, intuitive design, and crafts the product roadmap to make it so. Joe values products that simplify life and have a positive impact on the environment, and ensures that the company adheres to these tenets 

Prior to Airbnb, Joe was employed by Chronicle Books, co-founded Ecolet, a green design website, and developed several consumer products, including CritBuns, a product featured in the Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial. An alumnus of the Rhode Island School of Design, Joe earned dual degrees in Graphic Design and Industrial Design.