Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Auction: bionic/gear bag modified

Getting ready for the quilt show, making stuff for our General store, trying to raise some money for our guild! Just completed these bags. Looks same as bionic/gear bags, same size, but I made some changes to it: pockets are made separately! If you look closer you can see 7" x 4" ruler under the pockets which makes it more convenient!. It's made the same way as my Quilters sewing bag, just twice smaller.

Since I made all these bags for sale in our General store for "Quilts in the Boro 2015" show, it doesn't matter to me who is going to buy it. We are trying to raise some money for the guild to cover our expenses for two days quilt show. So I decided to auction one of these bags! 

The size of the bag is 8" x 4 1/2" x 4". 
Anybody who is interested can participate! You can share this link with anybody who would be interested! You can place your bid on my Facebook page Natalie Patton in the comments to this post this SUNDAY, AUGUST 2d since 9 am Eastern time to 9 pm Pacific time (lol) - all day long! (I will repost it on Sunday morning, so it will be on the top of my page).The winner will also have a little prize from me - 7" x 4" ruler as shown on the picture, it will go together with this bag! And of course bunch of THANKS from our guild members! I will also cover shipping expenses within USA! Please, help us make it happen! Thank you all for your support!

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