Wednesday, June 8, 2016

New pattern: Pyramid wristlet & cell phone stand

Last year I was inspired with a little gadget for my phone and made a little stand. I filled it with rice, added several drops of essential oil and enjoyed it for a while.

I could use it sometimes when working at the desk, but most of the time my phone is mobile... but the stand is NOT!
I made this pyramid now more usable: wristlet with a key fob makes it now portable, zipper allows some room inside, Flex foam makes it lightweight and sturdy and a pen in the pocket instantly creates a firm bottom for the phone.

You don't have to use it all the time, but it's nice to keep it vertical in front of your eyes, especially if you are waiting for a message or email, listening to the music or watching little videos...
Take it with you to the coffee shop, put it on your desk or nightstand and hang it on the hook when not in need!

Make one for your kids or make them to make one! Keep them busy and stay online!

The pattern now is on Craftsy!
You  can also order one or customize your order in my store or in my Quiltessence store on Etsy.
Looking for a key fob? You can order it in my store.
Happy sewing!
Natalie Quiltessa

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