Saturday, January 14, 2017

"Burning leaves of Gatlinburg" project in progress

As I posted earlier, I started making maple leaf blocks, which I created a pattern specially for this charity project, and shared it with those, who wanted to join it and make one or more blocks for me to make quilts for the fire victims. I also created a pattern for this quilt. I was keeping my eye on the fabrics and finally I found exactly what I wanted for it: dramatic Volcanic rock black batik and contrasting Mountain moss.
Many, many people from all over the world joined this project and I started receiving leaf blocks from all over United States: Rebecca Tucker, Dianne Swett, Virginia Smith - from TN; Carmella Anjos, MD; Dawn Brooks, NE; Leslie Mullins, FL; Mary Lou Dagnall, MA; Sharon Bentle, OH made 16 blocks! and also sent me beautiful batiks to make more leaves; Glenis Shallard from New Zealand and Jean Foglein from Canada!

Pam Johnson from CO surprised me with the whole top, mad with 12" maple leaves!
I am so very much thankful to every single person, who find some time to make these leaves, put them in the envelope, go to the post office and send them for me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Every leaf made by your hands is so much appreciated!

And I also made 61 leaves myself so far:

Finally I received my batiks and yesterday I started working on the blocks! Here's what I have at the moment.

To be continued.....

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