Sunday, March 26, 2017

One of "Burning leaves of Gatlinburg" quilts now belongs to Bonnie

I want to thank one more time every person, who made and mailed me blocks with maple leaves for my project "Burning leaves of Gatlinburg", for my neighbors, who lost their homes in wild fire on November 28th, 2016: Carmela AnjosDawne Johnson Brooks, Glenys Shallard, Pam JohnsonRebecca TuckerPatty Holloway, Sharon Bentle, Diane E. Swett, Leslie Mullins, Virginia Smith, Pamela Barger EdlJean FogleinMary Lou Dagnall'Harolyn Kay FullerJamey HerdLinda Sclare LyonsLisa Centurelli, Judy Ingram, Rae Nichols, Linda Byers, Lynn Buske, Lee WhiteMaureen Trelfer

During the class I was taking at the "Quiltfest" show in Pigeon Forge, 
I met the lady, who belongs to the "Piecemakers" guild, who organize "Quiltfest" show every year, and we know each other for several years. Her name is Bonnie Goolsby. She told me, that she also lost her permanent home in Gatlinburg. All her sewing room, fabrics and supplies are gone too. I can feel her pain. So I immediately decided to give one of this quilts to her. 
She was surprised and glad to have it. I believe she feels the warms of our hearts and hands in this special quilt. Look at it and you might find your block(s) in it! 

Two other quilts are also finished. Just need to make some researches to find out where my other neighbors live now, then schedule a meeting to give them those quilts.

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