Monday, February 26, 2018

Sewing waist pack with insert pouch. PDF tutorial is released now on Craftsy

PDF tutorial (33 pages, pattern included) for Sewing waist bag with insert pouch, loaded with lots of detailed pictures is now on Craftsy
Also in my store.
Size of the bag – 9” x 9”
Size of the pouch 7" x 7"

It hugs your waist/hips and ergonomically shapes around your body. The bag is specially designed wider on the top and narrower on the bottom, providing easy access to the items inside from the top.

It has 2 zippered pockets, one on the front side and one on the back.
The front zippered pocket is perfect for keeping any size cell phone in it. It also creates a slot behind it, which makes additional pocket with open sides, where you can stick pieces of fabrics, folded papers, patterns, ruler, DVD, etc.

Back zippered secret pocket touches your body, so it’s just good enough to keep your valuables in it, such as cards, cash, checks, etc. ; also fits the phone.

Double slider zipper on the top flap provides an easy access to the items inside from the center or any other position of the pullers.

Elastic strip makes several loops to hold your markers, pencils, seam ripper, scissors and roller cutter well organized and with easy access.

Divided pocket on the opposite side is always helpful for smaller items.

The insert pouch is easily connects with the bottom of the bag on the Velcro strip.
It can be detached any time and used as a separate little pouch. It’s made of the same fabric as a waist pack itself. It has clear vinyl window in the front panel, which is always helpful, invisible magnetic snap on the top, 2 little handles to pull the pouch out and additional folded pocket on the back.

This waist pack smartly provides safety, security and hands free workout during classes, retreats, travelling and keeps your most necessary items all in one place.

You can also find these ready bags in my Etsy store "Quiltessence"

Happy sewing!

Natalie Quiltessa

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