Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Fabrics like flowers, quilts like bouquets!

I was almost ready to quilt this bouquet in a water can, but something stopped me from finishing it at this point. 
I brought large flowers print
 fabrics to see how they can be incorporated, if can!
 And I found it fascinating, almost mesmerizing, fussy cutting those large tulips and arranging them around the chair on the flower bed of lilies. I had to cut some lilies to tuck some tulip petals underneath, for better effect!
 I like this technique! I have already made some quilts, experimenting with fussy cutting and then quilting along the raw edge.  So I did it again! 
Nowadays we have so broad variety of fabrics of all possible colors, prints and themes! Sometimes they can speak for themselves, without being cut to pieces. When I see fabrics with animals, flowers, cars, faces, etc, I would rather fussy cut, than cutting it to death, making sharp triangles or squares. 
The idea of this quit is: all fabrics like flowers, every one, from prettiest to ugliest, has a chance to become a part of a beautiful bouquet, which we call - QUILTS! Just like a musical note in the symphony!

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