Wednesday, September 2, 2015

How to make budget magnetic ring pincushion

 Save the top from orange juice pack, half-n-half or olive oil bottle.
 Use glue gun to attach little magnet to the back side of the top.
 Cover it with nice piece of fabric. Glue piece of felt to the back side. Ready!
 You can also make a fancy ring pincushion, but you need special ring and special glue for it.

And this little tiny magnet has nothing to do with computerized machines, trust me! It's not that strong to ruin any machine, and you put it on your finger! Even magnetic pincushion attached to my machine, you can see it on my video, doesn't affect my Pfaff, and it's there already for more than  two years! So, no worry about magnetism! Lol!

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You can also watch my demonstration video here.