Wednesday, September 2, 2015

My new little invention - magnetic ring pincushion. Highly recommended for basting and chain piecing

One day after making lunch I hold in my hand two little rings, one from olive oil bottle, another one from orange juice. 
Usually I throw them away. Accidentally I put one on my finger and it fit! Just like a ring! What can I do with it? Nothing. Cheap plastic ring... Oh, wait, there is a little concave on the top part! Can be used for something! Well, the magnet will go there! And I can cover it with nice fabric on the top and a little piece of felt for the soft touch. That's how I made my first magnetic ring cushion. I call it Budget ring cushion.

Then I made one more, and more, and more....
All of them were sold at our local quilt show! Wow!
Since then I am an official collector of juice, creams and oil leads! LOL! Seriously! All of my friends and family members now are collecting them and bringing to me for my future projects!
I have quite a big collection of those right now!

 Now I also have some fancier looking rings! And they are adjustable! Fits any size! I also have them in 2 colors - gold and black. 
Don't be distracted looking for regular pincushion or even wrist cushion, just set your pins on the magnet on the side of the ring, which is the closest place to the sewing foot and needle, so you can keep sewing without moving your eyes from the needle and stitching line! 
If you are left handed, please, let me know and your magnet will be on the opposite side!

 You can purchase this magnetic ring pincushion now in my Etsy store or in my store.

And this little tiny magnet has nothing to do with computerized machines, trust me! It's not that strong to ruin any machine, and you put it on your finger! Even magnetic pincushion attached to my machine, you can see it on my video, doesn't affect my Pfaff, and it's there already for more than  two years! So, no worry about magnetism! Lol!

Thank you!
Happy sewing!

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